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Artemis Dog Food  

Artemis is another company that we offer for sale online here at Boomerang. Their product range includes fresh mix of many important parts to create a great nutritional dog food for your dog.

Their brand represents more than just dog food and related products but also a fully immersive lifestyle choice and whole-engaging approach to looking after your pet. Their food incorporates vegetables, fruits, herbs and digestive enzymes in their product alongside all of the necessary proteins, minerals and carbohydrates among with many others – Their website says this is to support their holistic view in prevention of any illness as the best cure, and taking care of your pet holistically.  Artemis dog food was made in California and came to Australia in the year 2008. Artemis constantly wins awards for the Whole Dog Journal’s top approved dry dog foods and has achieved this once again in 2013. In the past many companies have had their products recalled, but Artemis dog food is an example of one that has never been recalled.

Available in many different variants of volume to ensure you have the right amount when necessary, order today and take advantage of a great brand and a great product range that will support and fully embellish you and your dog’s lifestyle choices! Order Artemis dog food today!

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