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Biotic Plus Dog Food 

Biotic plus is another one of the proudly stocked Australian brands in our dog food section. Biotic plus dog food is of great pride to Australian consumers as it is one of the few companies in the market who use as much as 95% of their raw materials from suppliers within Australia – and they’re based with their head office here, too.

Biotic plus dog food is also proud of the fact that they included dogs in the decision making process – getting them to try and test the food, so you can know for sure that other dogs in Australia are liking their products – yours will too!

Biotic plus also involves their product in scientific and veterinary supervised testing, here in Australia, to ensure that their food is of the highest and safest standard.

The range of biotic plus dog food we stock includes puppies and adults and seniors, with several flavours such as chicken and tuna. Aside from all breeds of dried food for your dog, they also have weight control and sensitive skin products designed to help with your pets condition. Biotic plus dog food also has a vegetarian line for certain dogs who may have eating specificities. 

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