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Cat Litter 

One of the many necessities of keeping a cat as your pet is the requirement of a place to litter. Kitty litter can be heavy and inconvenient to carry around as your shopping, and depending on your living environment can be difficult to move from the store to your house.

Boomerang pet food has recognised this concern and inconvenience of cat owners and as a result our line of cat litters can be tailored to sizes of small amounts such as 5 up to and including 30 Litres – this way it can be delivered to you and you will only need to concern yourself with the removal of the litter inside the cat litter box.

Cats are well known for being picky creatures, and if you have a cat who has a preference in its cat litter, then we will have the product for you.

We stock brands such as Catsan, Back 2 Nature, Breeders Choice. Cats Choice & Fussy cat litter to name a few. With a choice of options and size and consistency of the material made in the litter, you will be able to tailor your purchases to match you and your cats lifestyle.

You can also set and forget your purchases of cat litter like any of the products on our site, which means you will only need to decide once that you would like the convenience of kitty litter to your door, and then leave the rest to us!

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