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Dog Toys 

Our range of dog toys here at Boomerang is sure to entertain even the liveliest of canines. With kong classic dog toys in all sizes able to entertain the Chihuahua to the German shepherd, simply fill the toy and watch as your dog will play and feed itself until it’s heart is content.

The kong is a nontoxic, dishwasher safe rubber toy with a hollow center that can be stuffed – it provides the dog in turn with a healthy way for their inherent need to chew, lick and eat to be satisfied, without the worry of it being on your childhood teddy bear or even couch.

The classic kong toy is known for being the most durable dog toy on the market. The company themselves state that the manufacture of these toys can be used for training, confidence building as well as just a toy to throw around for your dog to enjoy your time. As well as this, the toy is also known as being the most popular – people often state that the next purchase after that of their new furry family member is a kong toy, and there’s a reason. They’re great fun!

Visit our dog toys section in our online store today and find yourself a competitively priced and well designed, reputable toy today!

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