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Eukanuba Dog Food 

In 1969, the founder of Eukanuba dog food was looking for the perfect name – he decided upon this as it had to do with the Jazz evolution of the 1940s, and means ‘the tops’ or ‘supreme’ – this was the perfect name for his dog food and so it began.

Using high quality ingredients to this day, uniquely customized for every breed’s specific and individual needs, the name still holds true.

At the root of their nutritional philosophy eukanuba dog food believes and holds fast to the ideal that cats and dogs have evolved from carnivores and should be fed accordingly. As a result, Eukanuba dog food is only made of the highest quality in animal proteins – which consists of chicken or lamb, not just vegetables.

As a brand they have developed partnerships and alliances with breeders and their key organizations. They are ‘partners of excellence’ with the European kennel federation such as ‘The Kennel Club’. In the present day they are working closely with the Federation Cynologique Internationale and the American Kennel Club.

Here at Boomerang pet food, we are happy to stock Eukanuba products and have them all available for sale. Their product range varies from breed, to size, to activity and general wellbeing or catered needs, such as weight control, or high energy releasing food. This is all to ensure your dog is getting the nutritional requirements day in and day out.

Order Eukanuba online from us today and begin to save money, time, and reap the benefits of our loyalty rewards system!

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