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Iams Dog Food 

Iams dog food was established by Paul F. Iams – he has stated that this company is based on a philosophy of innovation and a focus on advanced nutrition that will lead to a higher quality that was believed to be lacking in several players already in the market for highly nutritional dog food.

Iams is able to boast that they have world firsts in feeding cats and dogs as carnivores. Developing dry animal protein based suited to the needs of dogs and cats. Tailoring formulas by the stage of life & hypothesising and developing formulas to meet the required needs of the pets and their owners.

In our online store you can purchase Iams dog food product range for your highly active adult dog, to your complacent and slightly beefier overweight dog.

Whether your dog is in need of a high energy, sustainable diet or is in need of nothing more than a delicious snack every now and then to crave their hunger – look no further.

Browse our product range of Iams dog food and take advantage of our great prices and the convenience of letting us get this wonderful product with such a great philosophical underpinning in regards to the nutrition of your pet today!

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