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Cat Medication 

Purchasing cat medication can be confusing and expensive. Often, purchasing the exact same product from your local veterinarian can be much pricier than that of our product range. We offer the major brands such as Advantage, Advocate, Frontline Plus, Milbemax, Profender, Revolution and Seaflex at competitive prices, so unless your pet requires specific cat medication that can only be prescribed – you will be able to find the product you desire here.

Medication for kittens to large cats such as old wormers, joint function as well as flea and tick deterrents are available in our online store ready for purchase and delivery immediately. Aside from our cat medication we also have a series of hygiene related products teeming with quality and success in regards to flea and tick cleansing among other aspects of hygiene, such as shampoos for example. Wait no longer and shop with Boomerang today to pay great prices for the necessities of your cat’s health – delivered to your door.

Our cat medication also comes in many different forms so that if your pet prefers pills, liquids, shots and many more that are offered, you will be able to provide it with the easiest mode of dosage and ensure your cat’s medication experience is not only successfully administered but with the comfort and well-being of your cat at the forefront.

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